Info can be found here.


You can download the script here, by right clicking and selecting "Save as."

Install the script as normal through Mudlet's Package Manager, or Module Manager.


After you've downloaded the script and installed it via the package manager (or module manager), open your scripts window.

Navigate to expTracker > explore_track.

Find the following lines:

myTome = "tome"
myIdentifier = "default"

Replace "tome" with the numerical identifier from your tome (the numer you use to probe it), and "default" with the identifier string you should have been sent, like so:

myTome = "12345"
myIdentifier = "123456abcdef"

If you don't currently have an identifier, and would like one, please message Ahmet in-game, and I'll get you set up ASAP.

Wham bam Alakazam. Restart Mudlet and everything should work properly. 'tome help' in game for the syntaxes, and feel free to ask questions. The script's in a very rough state, and I plan to clean it up in the future, but here's this for now.